How does hinge dating app work

Profiles are peppered with gorgeous pictures, tongue-in-cheek answers you would want to tongue-wrestle with and captions that are so witty they could star in an AIB video.

When do you use it: If you are really ready to commit, Hinge is the app to commit to — it takes long-term relationships so seriously, it could be your mother. What I like about it: Hinge, like your friendly, local Aadhar card also shares all your Facebook information.

My Hinge match invited me to dinner and blocked me as I waited for our table

Your unsavory political views? Your embarrassing religious beliefs?

And that drunken video of you dancing on the bar in your sophomore year of college? Hinge has this gift that just keeps giving. Selecting the right photos for your profile can be one of the trickiest parts of online dating. Hinge requires people to have six photos—no more, no less. Six images will not be enough space to tell your life story, of course, but the limited space gives you an opportunity to highlight what you want your profile to show.

So what’s the deal with the Hinge app?

And this should be a no-brainer, but the number one feature on your profile should be you. Most photos should feature you front and center with your best smile, showing off those pearly whites. That way you can comment directly on specific photos to start a conversation. People are on your profile to meet you, not your friends.

How Does Hinge Work: A Beginner’s Guide

Also, make sure that your photos are high resolution images. Grainy, spotty, or unclear photos are a big no-no.

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Lastly, Hinge also lets you upload short looping videos in lieu of a photo. Profiles that include videos are given some slight preference in the display queue, so it can give you a leg up on the competition. Fill out your prompts. This feature is an opportunity for you to be interesting, funny, and maybe a little vulnerable. You might come across profiles with canned responses and these are pretty easily spotted.

Hinge only lets you see one profile at a time, then you either like or dislike someone to see the next person. The first few people you see are usually suggested as a likely match by the Hinge algorithm and after a while they get more general. This feature helps people find common ground. When you like someone, your response will be the first thing they see from you.